Monday, May 4, 2009

green thumb for dummies

At my local Target.
Perusing through the oh-so-addictive Dollar Spot.
With spring dollar items from mini-shovels to gardening gloves to the I-cannot-help-myself-I-want-it-now grow kits.

Little flower pots, probably a quarter of the size of my palm, containing soil pellets and seeds and it’s your own personal growing kit!
For those who simply cannot get it!
And that’s not to say that I can’t get it. The basil flourishes every spring and summer here. An abundance of basil that I can’t help but admire and then tear leaves off and just let the aroma waft around the air and straight into my nose.
It’s addicting.
Kind of like the Target Dollar Spot. Kind of like these absolutely adorable grow kits.
Of course once they start to grow you’ll have to transplant everything, but what an adorable way to start!
I opted for the chives and tomatoes. Though between you and me, I know tomatoes are finicky. And I know they’re a pain. So my money isn’t particularly riding on it.
There were tons of flower options, as well as some fresh oregano and even sweet peppers.
Absolutely adorable. Really!
And what a great little thing for kids to get into.
April showers brings May flowers, no?
So yes, happy planting, indeed!