Friday, September 30, 2011

flashback friday: memory lane

How charming.

This picture seems slightly apropos today, since he randomly appeared in a strange dream last night.
This was taken New Year's eve 2003, I believe. It really does depict my high school choice of apparel. I loved my Dickies pants and usually combined it with a basic tank top and that tiny zip-up black hoodie. Can't say I was fashionable, but as a 16 year old, I thought it was great.
Isn't it funny how many great ideas you seem to have as a 16 year old? Or even an 18 year old? Or even a drunk 21 year old?
But I digress!
A friend and I went over to Ryan's house and we did some picture taking, this being one of them.
Jen and I tied extra pieces of fabric around our heads and, even though you can't see them, we wore two different brightly-colored socks.
Sixteen-year old fashion: gotta love it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the last hoo-rah

With the last bit of dulce de leche lingering in the fridge, I wanted to make sure I used it for something good. I had to do it justice. One last hoo-rah.
So I opted for a tried and true favorite.


These dulce de leche bars are delicious. Freaking delicious, if I may.
It starts with a basic shortbread crust, but that crust is just a vehicle for the fantastic chocolate-dulce de leche custard. The dulce de leche isn't so much a star as it is a sweet, lingering taste on the back of your tongue. The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate, which I absolutely love. You could substitute semi-sweet, but it might lean into too sweet. Either way, you can't go wrong.
It's rich, it's creamy, it's a great little snack.


slowly carving away...

Friday, September 23, 2011

flashback friday: LBD


To be honest, I don't remember when this picture was taken. It was either my high school graduation day or my 18th birthday. And since they were 2 days apart and I wore the same fabulous outfit, you can see why I'd be confused.
Except of course on my graduation day I had on a lovely, bright purple cap and gown.
Regardless, if there is one thing I can tell you is that this was probably my first quintessential little black dress. I found it on a clearance rack for no more than $20 and it fit like a glove.
I snagged it up with the mentality that "well, it's always good to keep a dress handy".
I wore it first for my high school graduation. In those days I had super long blonde flowing hair and I always wore it down.
I paired the dress with my absolutely favorite heels at the time. I still have those shoes now. They're probably going to fall apart any day now, but I loved those shoes so much I will gladly wear them to the end. Kind of like my favorite pair of Levi's all torn-up and falling apart. I will not let you go!
But back to the shoes. I found them at the fantastic, now-defunct Parade. Parade was the best shoe store I had found, hands down. It had great shoes and always in my size.
Do you know how hard it is to find shoes in my size?!
I still have this dress, but it definitely does not look as good on me as it once did. Granted, I have moved on to other little black dresses, but there was something special about that one.
And as this picture likes to remind me, I may never look that good again.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

currently loving: instagram


Currently loving these mary-jane inspired flats I found in the DSW clearance section for 50% off (in the same shopping trip as these). So comfortable, so adorable!


Currently loving Forever 21's girly, dainty charm necklaces. This one has become a fast favorite, even replacing my old staple the Eiffel tower.


Currently loving iced coffee. I drink it every single day at work and I have no shame.
And there is a method to the madness: about a cup of coffee, sometimes a shot of espresso, 2 packets of equal. In the freezer to cool. A tablespoon of chocolate syrup, fill with ice, top off with milk. Sometimes I add a little flavored creamer if a coworker brings a good one in. Stir up and enjoy. And trust me, I do.

Though on days off, I opt for a fabulous substitute...


Starbucks mocha frappucinos. Or java chip, depending on my mood. My favorite part is licking off the chocolate-drizzled whipped cream off the top. No shame. Really.

all photos, except starbucks, via instagram @taliahomegirl.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

birthday cake reprise


Every year I make my mom a birthday cake. The same birthday cake. Every year.
She likes what she likes, what can I say?
I ask "what kind of cake do you want this year?", hoping she'll give me something else to work with.
But, alas, she replies "you know, dulce de leche...fruit..cream...".
Well this year I took matters into my own hands.
She may love it, she may hate it. Either way it's time to expand on mom's birthday cake.
I'm going with chocolate and coconut cakes with a simple strawberry and whipped cream filling.
Basic, but with some interest.
And hopefully delicious - and a new birthday favorite.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

currently loving: girly girl


flats: chinese laundry

currently loving these adorable lace flats I found in the DSW clearance section for 30% off. I went over to show my mom who then proceeded to show me the same pair in her size that she had already snagged up.
great minds think alike.



currently loving a low-maintenance and yet slightly elegant hairstyle. hair goes up, up, up in a high ponytail. ponytail becomes a braid. braid gets wrapped around to make a bun. bun is secured by bobby pins.
the end!
low-maintenance heaven!
sometimes I'll leave my bangs alone, other times I'll braid it and pin it back.
either way, just lovely.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

stir crazy


5 reasons I love a good stir fry:

1. Anything goes. It's the perfect meal to come from cleaning out your fridge or crisper drawer.
2. I love prepping the vegetables. Chop chop chop, slice slice slice, dice dice dice, cut cut cut. I love the feel and the sound of my knife hitting the cutting board. I love the array of vegetables laid out.
3. It hits a lot of tastes on your tongue: salty, crunchy, sweet.
4. It comes together in minutes. All you need is a smoking hot wok and your prepped vegetables.
5. Tastes just as good - if not, better - the next day.


pork stir fry with mushrooms, onions, carrots, broccoli, spinach and thin spaghetti. soy sauce, a splash of chicken stock, a squeeze of lemon juice, a sprinkle of sesame seeds.