Tuesday, July 20, 2010

baking delight

it's a baking frenzy!
ok, so maybe not a frenzy.
but perhaps more like organizing.
yes, organizing.
shuffling through tons of never-tried recipes and getting them out of the way.
like these absolutely incredible coconut-vanilla bean cupcakes.

they are moist and delectable, they're crumbly and there is a subtle, almost sexy, taste of coconut that just whispers throughout.
this was a recipe my friend made first and told me about.
though I will admit, I'm not a fan of piles of frosting. a bit too much butter for my taste. these would probably be just as amazing with, say, a thin layer of white chocolate ganache draped over the top.

the crisp shortbread base serves as a perfect vehicle for the ooey gooey chocolate dulce de leche custard right on top. almost reminiscent of frosting, but better. sooo much better. finger-lickin oozy better.

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