Monday, August 9, 2010

the makings of a great pizza

I am a pizza purist at heart. But I'm growing older and I think my taste buds are saying "No, no! you're not really a pizza purist. You want change! You want more!".
And so now I love nothing more than a bunch of crap on a pizza. Well, not exactly crap, but you know.
Like wednesday night out at my friend's house. Dinner came in the form of a pizza dough and random roaming vegetables in her fridge.
It was incredibly delicious. I do not lie.
The movie on the other hand? Not so much.
And the bit where her puppy ate a frog? Oh, that was a hoot.
But back to the pizza: Take note. Take action.
First: a little compromise (and a bit of blur). San Marzano tomato sauce and basil pesto.
And then a good bit of cheese.

Followed by tomato slices and chicken.
And then some caramelized onions. And bacon. And asparagus. And some broccoli.
And just for the hell of it: how about a snow of parmesan right on top?
Hel-lo divine.
450F for about 10 minutes. 375F for maybe 15-20 more. Surprisingly, with all the goodness on top, it is not hard to eat a slice. It wilts down a good bit, but that does not make it any less fabulous.

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