Friday, June 1, 2012

flashback friday: birthday countdown

 Ichetucknee Springs, June 2011.
Glasses: Forever 21. Bathing suit: Handmade, my mom. Shorts: Almost Famous.

My birthday is eight (eight!) days away. And while I do have a pretty crappy track record with birthdays, it doesn't stop me from getting super excited and giddy with glee.
This year I hope to keep things simple and fun. I usually start planning birthday festivities months in advance, but as I've gotten older (I'm so old!), I've realized how much I just want a simple night with great food, great company, and a great outfit.
Last year, the husband decided we take a trip up north - north Florida, that is - to go tubing down a river and hang out in a natural spring.
We got a small group of us together and made our way up.
A speeding ticket, a late arrival, the middle of nowhere, and one disastrously epic car dilemma (it took us 6 hours and about $250 to get a wheel bearing off. a wheel bearing!), and it was definitely a trip to remember.
And one that we probably won't do again..
Happy Friday!