Monday, July 6, 2009

the andrew knowlton situation

I’m sorry, but this can’t be just me.
I must channel my inner Seinfeld and ask: what is the deal with Andrew Knowlton?
Because from what I see, he simply cannot be a guest judge on any Iron Chef America episode without getting into some kind of tiff with another guest judge about how his opinion is right and their opinion is just wrong.
It gets even better when he proceeds to try to get the other judge to just admit that their opinion is nowhere near correct and everybody should bow down to him.
Way to go Barbara Fairchild for shoving that lovely "Restaurant Editor" title up Mr. Knowlton’s ass. It’s been blowing hot air straight to his head ever since.
Goodness, I’m surprised he can get through those Iron Chef America doors.
Somebody please throw the man a dictionary. And then, if you will, tell him to shove it.