Saturday, July 23, 2011


If you were to ask me what my favorite season was, I would be torn. Right now I would tell you that I love summer. I love the sun, the lazy beach days, the right to wear short shorts and flip flops. Give me 6 months and I would tell you how much I love the winter.
(Though can I really be sure that I love winter when the winters I experience are kind of a sham?)
But really, I think there’s something to be said for a Florida summer. The sun, the sand, the beaches, the unbearable, sticky humidity.
And with the country reaching record heat waves, sometimes finding something to wear that will actually be comfortable in the heat is quite the chore.

Dress: Old Navy. Shades: Forever 21. Necklace: Forever 21.

I found this little dress on sale at Old Navy for $6. It has become a serious staple.
In the hottest of summer days, one of my favorite feelings is taking an ice cold shower, stepping out, and slipping into a light and breezy summer dress.

I’ve worn this one to the beach and pool numerous times, but it works wonders for just running some simple errands.
A simple, delicate necklace, hair up, flip flops and some shades and I am good to go.

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