Monday, July 18, 2011

puppy duty calls does puppy doody.
I've been absent for a good bit, I know.
About a month ago we adopted a little puppy. She was found abandoned out in the Everglades, possibly abused.
Bringing her home (and the days that followed) were a bit of a challenge. But in the time that we've had her she has made wonderful progress. She eats like a maniac and she loves to chew on her toys.
She walks around the house a lot and even jumps on the couch on occasion. She's still shy, but we just need to have some patience.
Oh, yes, I do have a picture actually...

Meet Sandy!
She's got beautiful, big floppy ears and adorable little paws and she's just a hoot.
This past month has been a bit of a transition. My wake-up time went from noon to 7am. We spent the first week cleaning up pee from the carpet and taking her to the vet (no easy feat).
My DVR full of Law & Order was calling my name, but it was put on hold.
The weeks that followed have been easier. We've gotten the hang of the change and my Law & Order addiction is back in action.
Dinner on the other hand has not been so regular. We make dinner once a week, if that, these days.
But what there hasn't been a shortage of around here has been sweets. You know how much I love my sweets.
Like this chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse.

Or these mini chocolate cupcakes with a Bailey's whipped cream!

or even this fantastic chocolate peanut butter ice cream that I have made twice already. Twice!
So good.

I'm a serious choc-aholic in case you didn't notice.
I can't help myself. Especially with these goodies galore hanging out in my fridge.
After the first month, I think we'll be able to fall back into the daily dinner schedule. But until then, we'll just hang out with Sandy and stuff our faces with sweets.

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