Friday, September 30, 2011

flashback friday: memory lane

How charming.

This picture seems slightly apropos today, since he randomly appeared in a strange dream last night.
This was taken New Year's eve 2003, I believe. It really does depict my high school choice of apparel. I loved my Dickies pants and usually combined it with a basic tank top and that tiny zip-up black hoodie. Can't say I was fashionable, but as a 16 year old, I thought it was great.
Isn't it funny how many great ideas you seem to have as a 16 year old? Or even an 18 year old? Or even a drunk 21 year old?
But I digress!
A friend and I went over to Ryan's house and we did some picture taking, this being one of them.
Jen and I tied extra pieces of fabric around our heads and, even though you can't see them, we wore two different brightly-colored socks.
Sixteen-year old fashion: gotta love it.

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Jen said...

The fabric was our Rambo look. 16 years old and we thought we were Rambo and yes we did have a unique sense of style.