Thursday, September 18, 2008

the taco bell love affair

it's important for you to know how much disgust i had for taco bell for so many years.
and the rumors didn't help.

"i hear that people who work at taco bell won't even talk about it"
"i heard it was grade d meat and dog food is grade c"
"it's probably cats"
"it's not real food"
(and let's not even get into those awfully annoying chihuahua commercial bits)

unfortunately, in one late party night, my drunk boyfriend wanted some taco bell. and so we went through the drive thru and i suddenly found myself craving the crunch of a taco shell and the combination of the ground meat and cheese and taco sauce all partying in your mouth.

and so i ordered one.

tilting my head to eat a taco like you have to do....and realizing: "oh my god, this is delicious".
and at the end of the day (or perhaps bright and early in the morning?) alcohol and tacos seem to mix so fabulously. they are a match made in heaven.
just don't tell chef andy who would truly shudder at the thought of a culinary school grad loving taco bell and (yeah, wendy's cheeseburgers are greasy gooey bites of delight).

in all fairness: taco night with really good pico de gallo and fried taco shells and slowly-simmered-for-three-hours-taco meat is just as divine.

taco bell is just that cheap late night thrill.
and who doesn't love one of those?

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