Monday, March 30, 2009

the tale of a lopsided banana cake

That - I’m almost ashamed to say - is still sitting in my fridge. Almost gone, but it’s been a little tough.
And listen: sweets do not last very long around here. A week at the very most.
This is going on two weeks.
It just wasn’t a success like I hoped it would be.
I wanted gooey and big-banana-punch-in-the-face.
Instead I got, "Eh, it’s ok."
And I do not like mediocre pastry. No, no, no.
I thought: a brown sugar-cinnamon custard for the filling. It’ll complement the banana flavor so well and really create such a nice, gooey cake.
And the peanut butter frosting that worked so well when I made the banana cupcakes will be a perfect accent.
The custard was barely noticeable. Actually, it’s not noticeable at all. Only way you’d know is if I told you. And the frosting? It’s good. Well, of course it’s good. How can peanut butter be bad?
But I kinda have to agree with the boyfriend here (now watch the ego blow up): it’s a little overpowering. A little too much.
So much for something I really thought could work.
Oh, le sigh.
The culinary crappers every now and then can really damper a mood, huh?
Not for long in my book, though!
Grab another pot, another pan and move on, I say!
But, I still have to get rid of the big pink elephant known as banana cake just sitting in my fridge. The unloved dessert that nobody wants to get near or finish.
Sorry, buddy.

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