Monday, June 15, 2009

from a foodie to a foodie

My birthday has passed leaving behind trails of balloons and wrapping paper and ribbons in its wake.
Which is fine by me, except for the mess to clean.
Leave it to my culinary school galpal to go overboard on the presents and find some rather cool kitchen gadgets to excite me.
One of them being a salad spinner, that I must admit excites me beyond belief.
The other being a set of measuring scoops. Not cups. Scoops.
And the best one yet? The shot glass maker. The ice shot glass maker. Yes, your shot glass is ice. Way cool.
How can you not RSVP to a cocktail party when ice shot glasses are on the menu??
You can’t. Oh no.

And as for dinner?
When it comes to the big Birthday Dinner, I go for divine. I go for something to blow me away, take me away, lift me onto a cloud and float away to this-is-the-most-amazing-dish-ever land. My stomach is happy; my heart is happy.
But this year, I just opted for the fun. Because as many chateaubriands as you may consume, and the caviar and the lobster and the risottos and the fancy froo-froo, if you cannot sit down to enjoy a simple, fun meal then you cannot love food. Then you do not love food.
Ruth Reichl once wrote about Benihana: " establishment no self-respecting critic would set foot in. It is a marketing strategy disguised as a restaurant...", but even she went off with her son and husband and had a good time.
So there.
And besides, sometimes there is absolutely no reason to resist a flip of an egg, a turn of a spatula, and an onion volcano.

Oh and the birthday cake?
As chocolate-y and peanut butter-y as one could ever hope for.

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