Monday, February 15, 2010


valentine's day has come and gone.
after the card exchanges

and the horrible, exhausting day at work,
I stumbled in at around 1:30am, showered, jumped into my favorite purple whale pajamas, and sat down to an incredibly delicious meal.

the beef was tender and flavorful, the puff pastry was light, crisp, flaky, the duxelle was savory, rich, robust, the mashed potatoes were fluffy (he does make the best...), the green beans still had a bite and the bacon and almonds just added on to the flavor, and I was a happy, happy girl.
along with lovely red roses. in a pitcher I found at TJMaxx for $5 that I just could not resist.

I knew I married him for a reason...)
Dessert was a rather dry (sorry to say) chocolate cupcake from Stork's that I co-worker so thoughtfully got for me.
Either way, I fell into bed with a full, happy that (almost) made me pay no mind to my achy, sore muscles.
Or the fact that the $10 gift limit was slightly bent. But that's ok. Rules were made to be broken, no?
Sigh. Swoon.

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