Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a list for the rainy day

current weather: tropical-storm-possibly-hurricane-really-annoying-and-rainy.
throughout the years i've devised this small list of places i'd just love to eat one day. it continues to grow. but here is the current standing:

My To-Eat List
1. El Bulli, Spain: currently the best restaurant in the world and a forerunner in the latest culinary fad, 'molecular gastronomy'. The whole restaurant itself comes across as very fascinating to me.

2. The French Laundry, California: I remember the moment Chef Richard stated "The French Laundry is the best restaurant in the world" and I immediately thought "this is a place I want to know".

3. Chez Panisse, California: I will say Ruth Reichl’s memoirs and funny Berkeley stories had me draw interest in Chez Panisse. Aside from Chef Richard who also made it a point to mention the true passion of Alice Waters.

4. Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago: Chef Richard talked a lot about chefs and food professionals he felt we had to know. Charlie Trotter was a big name. I’ve grown fascination ever since.

5. Big Bar, Chicago: whatever, I saw it on "Unwrapped". They have giant martinis and giant chocolate cake. Sorry, but a girl can’t ask for anything more.

6. Le Bernardin, New York: Eric Ripert interests me. Him and his sexy french accent. Oh, I cant help it!

7. Oh, anywhere in Paris.

le sigh...

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