Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the arrival of blue bell

I love ice cream.
I loooooove ice cream.
So when the papers reported that -finally- Blue Bell ice cream would be hitting South Florida stores, I thought: "what’s Blue Bell?".

Hailing from Texas, it’s only sold in 18 states and still manages to be the third best selling ice cream in the country. They pioneered the cookies and cream flavor. People have traveled hours to get their fix, people have ordered it online.
And I had never heard of this?
And I am missing out?
So when it hit stores yesterday, I figured I had to make a trip out to the grocery store. I firmly believe in "ice cream cures everything". (Sort of like a "everything is better with bacon". Cause, well, it is.)
I made my way to the freezer section and searched and searched and there was none left.
Goodness, you people work fast.
Looks like I’ll have to gather a search party for this one.
Of course, once I finish my half-gallon of Publix Premium Bear Tracks Brownie ice cream.
I couldn’t resist! I was among so much delicious, ice-creamy goodness, I had to get a fix.
Yes, I have a problem.
But the first step is admitting...
I’ll keep you posted on the Blue Bell Search because it is not over yet, my friends!

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