Monday, February 9, 2009

well, that was fast

Alright, friends. The search is over.
And the only person to thank here is my boyfriend -
who sent a 9:17pm text message on Thursday night stating: "got blue bell vanilla and got peanut butter brownies in the oven for the movie."
Is he quite a catch or what?? Warm brownies, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla (!) , and The Boondock Saints.
Oh, I am a lucky gal.
And I do bet you're dying to know: "how was the ice cream??"
Oh my friends, it was good. Yes indeed it was good. This was not "wow this kind of sucks. so much for the hype".
This was "wow. this is really good ice cream."
Even the boyfriend said so! Who went out to publix and got the ice cream just for lil' ol' me.
And I wish I could pinpoint it. Remember that little tidbit about good vanilla ice cream and how it's so simple, yet so hard to come by?
Well, yeah. This is the good vanilla ice cream. It's that perfect, sweet spoonful of vanilla custard goodness. It's not sickeningly sweet. Nor is it so pumped up with that odd "artificial flavor" mouthfeel.
It's just so good.
And with a warm chocolate-peanut butter brownie, it's even better.
And hell, with Boondock Saints on the tv, it's heaven.
So my boyfriend approved of the Blue Bell. As for the movie: "eh, it was ok".
And you'd think he'd like a movie about guys and guns and a hilarious (and gay) Willem Dafoe.
But. That's ok. I still love him.
And I do believe I love Blue Bell, too.

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