Monday, March 22, 2010

the real deal

inside this perfectly blue goodie bag, inside this little personalized package of happiness lies a heaping batch of the now infamous, delightfully delicious chocolate-caramel-oatmeal-peanut butter bars.

the coworker came back home with a big box of these in tow, each one personalized for its adoring fan.
what a perfect little gift.
they were even better than Iremembered. and savoring each crumbly, chewy bite, I took mental notes. I wanted to know precisely where my knockoffs went wrong and how I could perfect them.
funny enough, I wasn't too far off.

but these were crispier. the dough layers are studded with chopped almonds and oats. there is a subtle hint of peanut butter that happily melds into the nooks and crannies, sits there and delightfully gets along with every other flavor.
the center layer is an ooey-gooey river of caramel. perfectly constructed caramel that doesn't get hard or taste burned. it remains soft, gooey, sticky-sweet and divine.
the chocolate chips nestle right in. fabulous little surprises.
I savored each bite. I made sure to make them last as long as possible.
these are such a delight and such a complete treat when ever I do have them.

and when you come across something like that, you are one lucky gal.

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