Wednesday, April 7, 2010

organic cow!

upon learning about the opening of the organic burger joint, Elevation, in Coral Springs, I grabbed my foodie galpal and we headed out.
I love a good cheeseburger. and I mean loooove.
my favorite meal is a greasy, cheesy, gooey cheeseburger. my wish for a last meal would be a greasy, cheesy, gooey cheeseburger. and crispy fries.
it's a cute little place with simple tables and chairs and a big menu hovered right above the registers.
the beef is advertised as 100% usda organic beef, ground right on premises. the fries are fried in 100% olive oil.
we both ordered the simple, single-patty cheeseburger and a side of french fries to share.

of course in perusing the menu we wanted just about one of everything, but resisted temptation. except for the chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies made with organic butter and eggs.
too bad they were out. sigh.
but it's ok. we got our chocolate fix with milkshakes and fresh banana add-ins. though options ranged from mango to guava and ice cream options were vanilla and coffee. coffee!
the burger was nice: a thin patty with crisp edges and a piece of cheddar cheese lay sweetly right on top.

the fries were slightly disappointing in that there wasn't any backdrop of olive oil flavor. still, a fry is a fry and a fry is delicious.
the milkshake was super rich and chocolatey and drinking the whole thing resulted in a little upset stomach.

sun sentinel food critic john blahblahblah stated the burger was incredibly juicy and the service was excellent.
yet another reason why I don't like the shmuck.
no, the burger wasn't that juicy. it was good, yes. amazing? not entirely.
and the service? my burger and my galpal's burger came out at completely separate times. along with the fries.
and my milkshake? that didn't make it out until way after my burger did.
maybe it deserves another shot. maybe I'm too much of a cheeseburger elitist. and if an organic one can't woo me, then what can?
oh I'm not so bad.
and neither is Elevation.

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