Wednesday, May 4, 2011

orange you glad?

5 reasons I love an orange!

1. Perfect for sharing! Most of the time an orange serves as a snack I take to work with me. While I'm picking apart the segments, I can't help but peel off a segment and give it to any coworker that happens to be nearby. Have some vitamin C...on me!

2. Juicy! Like the wonderful Regina Spektor once said “so cheap and juicy!” granted she was talking about tangerines, but I digress.

3. Since they’re almost always in season (possibly more so in Florida), they’re abundant, cheap, and perfectly delicious. The way only an in-season fruit or vegetable can be. (kind of like corn, which is also in season, and so incredibly sweet and delectable. I am going astray again. Oranges! Oranges!).

4. I love the feeling of peeling an orange. Stay with me, here. I slice off both ends with a knife then cut right through the skin vertically, making sure not to cut through the meaty segments. I slide my finger in between the peel and the segments and keep sliding through until the peel comes off in one big piece. If the orange cooperates, anyway. Either way, I still love peeling an orange.

5. Like mentioned in number 1, vitamin C! also, high fiber! potassium! vitamin A!

One super healthy, sweet, perfect snack.

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