Sunday, May 8, 2011

summer anticipation

Vest: Forever 21 via Plato's Closet. Shirt: Forever 21. Shorts: Target. Necklace: Charlotte Russe. Bracelet: Plato's Closet.

Some days the heat is so unbearable, I don’t even want to think about summer.
But other days I think “I can’t wait til June comes around so I can justify wearing all of my super-summer stuff!”.
Puh-leaze! I do not need justification.
I bought this shirt a couple of summers ago and its an instant mood booster, don’t you think??
Besides nothing says “summer sunshine!” like tie-dye. (And summer skank nail polish.)

And as for the vest? Plato’s Closet.
I’m a frequent seller, but a week ago I found some pretty neat things. This sunshine yellow vest and the snazzy bracelet to name a few.
This outfit is just fun. And I don’t need no stinkin’ summer to don a fun outfit!
And if the heat gets to be too much, just slip off that vest and hel-lo breeze!

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Julie Khuu said...

Great top! that back is super sexy and chic!

Peace. Love. LOL!

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