Friday, April 15, 2011

my toenails are so bright, i gotta wear shades

toes: sinful colors in i miss you. also, don't mind the little cut on my left toe. beach chair accident..these things happen.

Nail polish of choice: Sinful Colors.
Not only are they available at just about any drugstore and inexpensive, but the colors are just wonderful.
An array of lovely!
And if I may add - they have quite an array of glittery as well. I’m partial to the glittery.
Because when that South Florida sunshine hits those toes, you better hope someone around you has their polarized shades on.
Wa-pow! Talk about a ray of light!
I love that the most: when the light hits and reflects off those bits of glitter.
Loooove it.

Now sure my toesies are slightly reminiscent of grape soda - the most unloved of flavors - but that’s ok. If you can get past that, you my friend, have got some snazzy, sparkly toes.

Ready for their close-up! From left: gorgeous (which I also affectionately refer to as ‘summer skank’ - this color is brilliant in the summer time), ufo, coco diamond, dancing nails, and I miss you.

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