Thursday, April 21, 2011

beachy keen!

While we’re on the topic of color here’s my color-filled beach wear!
Fun! And hot. (Literally).

Shirt/dress/skirt: TJMaxx. Flip flops: Old Navy.

The beach dress was actually a shirt I found at TJMaxx years ago I believe. As you can see it’s pretty ridiculously long in shirt terms. I considered shortening it, but by that point I found it to be a great pj/hang-around-the-house kind of dress. A muumuu for the new generation.
From there it just easily transitioned into a beach dress. The color is fabulous. It’s not fussy and it’s easy to just throw on with some brightly colored flip flops and a towel.
And just to throw in how accepting it is of change, I turned my shirt-turned-dress into a skirt.
That’s right people, a skirt!

A beachy keen SKIRT.
I know you must be thinking “Wow, she’s a genius”.
Well, sometimes, I am.
Time to sizzle and swim!

Also: apologies for the crappy photos. my camera died and so my iphone came to the rescue.

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ChiccaStyle said...

I am so jealous...I wish to go the beach too...
Happy Easter!