Saturday, April 23, 2011

afternoon delight

take a look at this melting beauty!

i almost regretted choosing the double-scoop cone over the single-scoop cup. almost.
after a wonderful day soaking up the rays and playing with the jellyfish at the beach, we took a little walk and grabbed some ice cream at the ice cream club.
the husband went with a coconut and key lime ice cream milkshake that he thoroughly enjoyed. (and let's be honest - how could you not??)
i went with the double scoop in a waffle cone. who doesn't love a good waffle cone?!
scoop #1: mountain mocha. coffee ice cream with swirls of fudge and almonds.
scoop #2: reese's. vanilla ice cream with reese's cups.
it was heavenly!
even though i had to eat it faster than i would have liked due to the scorching sun slowly killing my cone.
and while the cone may be slightly blurry, check out the background of the 100 celebrating the city of ft. lauderdale's 100 years.
lookin' good, ft. lauderdale. lookin' good!


Prutha said...

ohh soo good... its only 10.30 am right now for me ...can i go get one too?

blacksandbrights said...

that ice cream!! my mouth is watering...