Sunday, November 27, 2011

giving thanks

Somewhere along the line, I became the busiest girl on the block.
In between moving, birthday trips, a hectic work schedule, and the holidays, posting was, well, post-poned.
But things are slowly falling back into normal mode.
And the holidays are here!


I worked on Thanksgiving, but got out in time for some Black Friday shopping.
How can you not love Black Friday? It combines two of my favorite things: bargain shopping and sheer pandemonium.
Ha. I kid.
Sort of.
I didn't need any electronics this year, instead just opted to go for the fun of it. And I brought the husband along with me (his first time!). He didn't punch anybody once. I'm so proud.
We did snag a good bit of toys, stocking stuffers, and extras here and there.
I am really determined to get all of my shopping done before Christmas Eve this year.
Usually my work gets in the way of this..
Either way, after our Black Friday shopping, we went home, slept, and made a little post-Thanksgiving lunch.
It was simple, intimate, and absolutely delicious.


My mom seasoned and cooked the turkeys (yes, plural), Brad made some of his delicious cranberry relish, I cooked up some glazed carrots. Along with a spinach and bacon salad, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some really tasty gravy, it was a really wonderful Thanksgiving lunch.
And did I mention delicious?
Sometimes it's just the little things that make me happiest. And I am thankful for all of it.
But of course after lunch, I slipped into the obligatory after-dinner nap/coma. I managed to sneak one in right before heading out for work again.
And speaking of Thanksgiving food comas..


Hope your Thanksgiving was just as lovely!


The Pink Monocle said...

Oh my Gosh the puppy is an absolute cutie!

The Pink Monocle

Beckerman Girls said...

Happy Thanksgiving babe! your dog looks VERRRRRY happy! how cute!
xoThe Beckerman Girls