Sunday, October 16, 2011

(belated) flashback friday: marilyn

The whole week, including the weekend, has been busy and hectic so Flashback Friday has arrived a little late this week.
And in honor of Halloween quickly sneaking up on us, here's a goodie:


This costume actually came together like most do: I needed a costume for a party at the last minute so I went to Party City and bought a costume. The end.
Terrible, I know.
This was about 8 or 9 years ago. And while I still have the dress, the wig has gone missing.
I really wish I still had that wig.
These days I mostly enjoy really fun, really silly DIY costumes and a good wig is always a great start.
I did consider doing a Marylin Monroe costume this year, but I'm not too sure yet. I haven't done anything in about 3 years since I always have to work.
But this year will be different!
I hope.

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