Friday, October 21, 2011

flashback friday: jazzercise


The last time I actually celebrated Halloween was 2008.
I won a $25 gift card to Spirit from the Round Up and used it to buy a simple DIY costume staple: a wig.
Remember how I said wigs are the basis for a great DIY costume?
So I threw on my trusty fishnet stockings, some basic black pinstripe shorts, a black laced shirt, some black sequined flats, called myself The Jazzercise Hooker and called it a night.
The best costume out there? No, no.
The most fun I'd had in a while on Halloween? Oh yes.


Wig: Spirit. Shirt: Derek Heart / Dots. Shorts: Charlotte Russe. Flats: Sirens. ($10! And I still have them!)

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