Thursday, October 13, 2011

currently loving: seasonal


A confession: I love seasonal novelty items. I practically wiped out my bank account last year stocking up on buttloads of Christmas nonsense.
Well, it wasn't nonsense to me!
And what's better than seasonal novelty items? Seasonal novelty items on sale! or also, really cheap seasonal novelty items!
I made a quick run to Target last week and, as always, made a stop by the dollar spot first. When my eye caught sight of these adorable candy dishes, I knew I had to have them.
And at $2.50 apiece, how the hell can you say no??
I am practically shrieking with glee as I type this!
Sure, "investment holiday pieces" are nice. But I just love really fun, really kitschy seasonal things you can find on clearance, in dollar stores, in sale sections, and even discount stores.
Do we get a lot of trick or treaters? Not really.
Will we be throwing a party? Nope.
Does it matter? Absolutely not!
I will sit on my couch eating Halloween candy out of those candy dishes and be one happy girl.

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